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>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remember that last time when you really, really wanted that free e-book but were fretting to complete that "one-time, free registration" that promised not to sell your email-id to millions of spammers and businesses worldwide? Remember the feeling of helplessness as you slowly crawled across your keyboard, punching in each key with a growing dread and fearing the worst? Yes, spam can be a terrible, terrible source of headache for everybody. And it's not going to ease up anytime in the near future. Spammers are getting smarter with the techniques they use to get and abuse your email address.

So what do you do when you are faced which such a situation? Clearly, you can't NOT download that e-book because it's critical to your research. At the same time, you are really scared of disclosing your real email id. That's were disposable email addresses step in. Use any one of the services below and grab yourself disposable email addresses.

  • 10 Minute Mail: Probably the simplest services available. The moment you visit the webpage, you are assigned a disposable e-mail address that lasts for 10 minutes. There is a handy link on the page itself to refresh the time for which the address will be active. On the bottom of the screen is the list of emails that have been received for that address. Go to 10 Minute Mail, and copy-paste the email address into that pesky registration form. [10 Minute Mail]
  • Mailinator: "You are terminated!" You've heard that line in countless terminator movies (just four actually). Now you can hear it all it's glory every time you get spam from spammy sites. The good thing about Mailinator is that you don't have to get an email address from them (although you can) to use the system. You can just type "" (or anything else, as long the part after the '@' is the same) as your email address. And then you can head over to their website and use the same address to access any emails (useful, or otherwise), that you may have there. [Mailinator]
  • GuerrillaMail: Although GuerrillaMail is similar to Mailinator in terms of what it offers, it does require one additional step before you can use your own addresses. You need to head over to their site and register the address you want to use. Once done, you have your own email address, which expires after 60 minutes. It's also got a video tutorial on how to use the service. [GuerrillaMail]

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