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>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everyone knows that Chrome is an awesome browser. It's fast, it's free and it's Google! But the one advantage Firefox always had over Chrome was extensions. In fact, that's the only reason why a lot of users (including yours truly) didn't make a permanent switch from Firefox to Chrome. But all that is set to change. Google recently made extensions live in Chrome's developer version, and today, theextension gallery went online.
As of this morning, the extension gallery already has 411 extensions.

And here's how you can get them:

  1. First, upgrade to the latest developer build. This involves opening your current Chrome installation, and going to the Chrome Beta page.
  2. Once you've downloaded and installed the Chrome developer build, you are all set to go.
  3. Just fire up Chrome and visit the Chrome Extension Gallery, and check out all the extension fun available online.
And that's all there is to it. Go ahead and take the new souped up Chrome for a spin! And to help you start out, here's my 3 favorite Chrome Extensions:

  1. Chromed Bird (Twitter Client)
  2. Aviary Screen Capture (Screen Capture)
  3. Stumble Upon (Social Media)

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