iPad Madness: [Part 2] 5 Reasons To Loathe The iPad

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Part 1 of my series about the iPad, I told you about 5 features that could make it a killer device. However, even the best devices have their own set of cons. Who doesn't remember the first iPhone, which came under a lot of fire because of its inability to handle simple things like copy/pasting, etc. In this article, we take a look at what isn't good about the iPad.

It's a big iPhone really!
That's was the reaction a few of my friends had on first setting eyes on the iPad. And truth be told, they are not that far away. If you put the initial excitement at bay (something that is tough to do whenever Apple announces a product), you start seeing what I mean. It's got pretty much everything that the iPhone was made of. Do we really need another device when we have our iPhones in our pockets?

No Multitasking.
Apple clearly hasn't been listening to what users want. The iPad, which apparently is here to compete with netbooks in a big way, does not support multitasking. What that basically means is that you won't be able to listen to your favorite Beatles tune while working on that all important presentation.

Lack Of Flash
The world can cry itself hoarse about how Flash is a a dying platform and HTML5 will take over, but you can't deny the fact that till the time that happens, Flash will be a major component of interactive websites. So unless Apple is working on some standard that will magically render all Flash videos on the iPad, you can kiss the streaming media that you are used to goodbye.

The App Store
In recent times, the App Store for the iPhone has drawn a lot of flack because of its weird regulations. Unless Apple clearly specifies the criteria by which an app is admitted into the App Store, I don't see how the detractors will shut up.

Too Much Of The "i"
This isn't something that's specifically wrong with the iPad, but I just feel that Apple is stretching the "i" revolution a tad too far. Sure we had the awesome iMacs, the quintessential iTunes, the game-changing iPod, etc., but isn't Apple just getting irritating with the "i" branding? Don't get me wrong. I still love Apple for what they do with gadgets, but first the iPad, and then the iBooks within the iPad are simply a bit too much for me to digest.

Regardless of how the iPad performs, I intend to stay away from it. It's just that the feature set being offered does not justify the investment. I would definitely settle for a less "bling-ed out" netbook in its place. Apple had its game-changing moments with its previous devices, but it hasn't pulled out anything game-changing this time around. Whether or not I'll be proved wrong, only time will tell.

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